SCA 252

The SCA 252 sleeping roof transforms the Sprinter into a space miracle

Converted vans have enjoyed increasing popularity among recreational and motor home customers for years. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is highly valued by craftsmen and service providers for its durability and
is therefore the ideal basis for extention into
a motor home. The equipment with the SCA 252 sleeping roof also enhances the vehicle and ensures considerable space gain. In addition to the manual version, the new Sprinter sleeping roof is optionally available with an electro-mechanical installation.

The SCA 252 resonates well with the design of the Sprinter. It can be built on all vehicle lengths from 5.93 meters with a standard height roof. With this expansion, the car becomes a real recreational vehicle and offers up to 5 beds, depending on the model and version.

At the core of the sleeping roof is a durable roof shell made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic. The roof’s inner surface is made of soft crushed velour creating a pleasant atmosphere. This construction is lightweight and at the same time very strong. It guarantees excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing.

The design of the sleeping roof fits in with the outline of the vehicle. An integrated roof spoiler ensures the optimal aesthetic and aerodynamic connection to the body. If desired, painting in body colour is possible as an optional extra. The newly developed electro-­mechanical control of the sleeping roof offers convenient opening and closing at the push of a button. Both the electro-mechanical and the manual operation are supported by two scissor lifts and four gas springs.

As standard, the sleeping roof contains a comfortable 2.00 x 1.20 meter recliner, consisting of plastic disc springs, mattress and cover. The passage measures 60 by 89 centimetres. 45 centimetre high scissors ensure an excellent night’s sleep with plenty of movement and legroom. A ladder is avail­able as an option and allows access to the sleeping roof.

The high-quality bellows made of flame-­retardant fabric is equipped with three windows. Fly screens are located in front of the windows on the left and the direction of travel. Special extra: the window at the front can be fully opened allowing for an unobstructed view. The window on the right has a transparent plastic insert. A practical folding mechanism automatically pulls the fabric bellows inwards when the roof shell is closed – without the bellows getting trapped between the bodywork and the roof.

As a leading manufacturer of first-class sleeping and high roofs, SCA is expanding the range with the SCA 252 by another sleeping roof that impresses with its advan­ced technology, excellent quality and sophis­ticated design.