SCA 224

As a spacious panel van, the Ford Transit V363 is an ideal family vehicle for camping vacations. With the SCA 224, the vehicle gains even more space: the pop-up roof offers additional sleeping space. The SCA 224 roof is a product innovation – the innovative lightweight construction of the roof shell is unique to date.

The construction consists of a platform and a roof shell made of two bonded parts of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The GRP material is particularly robust and durable, making it ideal for automotive components.

The integrated rib structure saves around 66 lbs in weight compared with a conventional roof structure. For camping enthusiasts, this means more payload – whether additional passengers, furniture or luggage. The vehicle’s handling is also improved: steering is easier, acceleration is faster and braking distances are shorter.

Just like the roofs produced in other processes, the standard color of the shell is white. The high-quality surface is well suited for painting other colors at the factory. Flexible solar modules can also be bonded to the roof.

The fabric bellows made of ballistic polyester allows a great view of the surrounding landscape from the elevated position of the roof due to the built-in panoramic window. It also provides the best lighting conditions in the lounging area during the day. The window can be opened completely if desired. Depending on your needs, a fly screen keeps insects out.

The mattress of the lying surface of the SCA 224 is extra thick at 2.3 inches. Additional comfort and ventilation are provided by the disc springs integrated in the lying area. Due to the high set-up stays, it is possible to sleep with the head in or against the direction of travel.

On the SCA 224, the new spring-buffered Southco locking system also provides a practical way of locking the roof by means of twist locks with integrated safety straps. A retracting mechanism automatically pulls the fabric bellows inward so that it cannot be trapped between the body and the roof.